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(and a few guys)


This comic material was developed while working with students in The Comedy Academy – an after-school program at Col. E. Brooke Lee Middle School and Northwood High School in Silver Spring Maryland. The sketches and short plays were honed as the students performed them in professional and educational venues. These venues included The Warehouse Theatre, Washington, DC., The Studio Theatre, Washington, DC, The Randolph Road Theatre, Silver Spring, MD, and at the two schools. All were offered as part of musical comedy revues presented for multiple performances between 2000 and 2012. If you have any questions or would like to review an advance copy, please contact me at


This Comedy Anthology

will feature the following short comic plays and sketches



A.D.D. FAMILY FEUD – a comedy sketch mocking a TV quiz show and asking, “can you have a game where people pay next to no attention?” Cast 10 (5 girls/ 3 girls or guys/ 2 guys)


PERCEPTIONS or CELEB-CRED – is something more important because it is touted by a TV or movie star? Here’s a funny news show parody that looks at the modern-day celebrity as a “smee” (subject matter expert).

Cast 14 (6 girls/ 4 girls or guys/ 4 guys)


HOME INVASION ADVERTISING - if cigarette companies cannot advertise on TV, what’s their next option? … appeal directly to buyers? Cast 7 (3 girls/ 2 girls or guys/ 2 guys)


ACADEMIC RIGOR – a short comedy exploring how one mother can go to extremes to ensure her children get into the right school

Cast 7 (4 girls/ 2 girls or guys/ 1 guy)


TOUCHED BY AN ANGLE - a spoof of “Touched By An Angel” where advertising executives pitch the grim reaper with marketing possibilities  Cast 6 (3 girls/ 2 girls or guys/ 1 guy)


THE WWW DOT COM THING – tired of hearing “for more information go to www dot something or another?” This short comedy takes that annoying phenomenon to a comical extreme. Cast 22 (9 girls/ 9 girls or guys/ 4 guys)


REAL TEENS OF THUNDER VALLEY  - a reality TV show parody featuring the lives and loves of teenagers in a small town

Cast 9 (65 girls/ 3 guys)


TELEBUDDIES FROM THE HOOD – a hilarious mash-up of two TV shows: a drama about Tony Alto (the head of a gangster family); and a kiddies’ show featuring plush little child-like characters Cast 20  (8 girls/ 5 girls or guys/ 6 guys)


BURN(out) NOTICE - a comedy with a large cast that explores what could happen when a comedy writer’s characters escape her imagination and start interfering with her creative processes Cast 16 (7 girls/ 5 girls or guys/ 4 guys) to play 32 roles





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